Application competes with Netflix, il offers you the latest Films for FREE with DOWNLOAD
      Everyone knows that the Netflix service is a video-on-demand service, whether it be movies or series of all categories and ages and even Arabic translation. It's like watching a movie on your TV, but Netflix works on the Internet and on almost every known device

     But in our topic of this day, I will give you the app and the program compete with Netflix for free, which means you can watch the latest movies or download without payment or application at $ 1 is not known and will not not found on download stores, you know why, so I will link you to download the computer and Android.

     An application called TeaTV, which is unknown, is not the Flex that the whole world knows and it is notorious that it is not free. The application I will give you today will give you free all movies in exclusive series.

     - Download link for Android
     - Download Link for Computer Application

The app is not available on app stores, so I suggest you download it from its official website to avoid problems


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