Sony Annonce la Prochaine Console PlayStation 5

PS 5 : Release date, price and technical sheet, all you need to know

   Sony is still not very talkative about PlayStation 5. When will it happen? What will be its technical sheet or its price? The rare statements of the Japanese firm are sifted to extract the slightest clues. We take stock of the rumors and leaks concerning the future PS5.

  The PlayStation 5 arouses more than ever curiosity. And this, especially since Microsoft has recently released its Xbox One X, presented as the most powerful home consoles ever created. For several months, the firm of Redmond has taken center stage on the field of communication. Sony was very early to make the case by stating that the Xbox One X did not scare him at all. This does not mean that the company is resting on its laurels. She is already looking towards the future.

   Kazuo Hirai, the former CEO of Sony explained a few months ago that the firm was thinking about the direction to take in relation to the future of the PlayStation, while stating that there was no question of letting down completely the physical consoles in favor of a dematerialized platform as some rumors suggested. As you can see, the sketches for the PlayStation 5 are in the making and we can already get a sense of the changes it will bring.

PlayStation 5: release date
   Sony has not explicitly mentioned any release date for the PS5, but several analysts are going for their predictions. According to Matt Piscatella, video game market specialist and analyst at NPD Group, Sony is expected to release the PlayStation 5 in 2020. For him, it would be the ideal year to stay on the dynamics of growth.

   The company does not need to release the PS5 in 2018, or even in 2019 since sales of its latest console are still far from catastrophic. And this, despite the release of the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch which has achieved excellent performance in 2017 and continues its momentum. According to Matt Piscatella, growth will continue until 2019, when sales of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim will run out of steam.

   This analysis seems fair since the latest official information from Sony already confirm the slowdown in sales of the PS4. The company predicts a further deceleration until 2021. But it should be reasonable enough to allow compensation through the other wings of the video game division. The sale of the PlayStation Plus service for example.

   For Sony, the bad pass will end early 2021 and will be followed by a new period of growth. The brand speaks of "backing up to better jump". This sentence seems to hint at a possible boost given by the arrival of the PlayStation 5. We can therefore reasonably project an exit for 2020, the time to revive the machine of growth for early 2021.

   Another good news is that Sony has already started distributing the development kits to several video game studios according to the SemiAccurate website. The latter can therefore already begin to develop games for the future console. This is the sign that things are taking shape.

PlayStation 5: price
   Regarding the question of price, a number of factors are obviously to be taken into account, such as the components that will be at the heart of the console. Here, an observation of the evolution of prices over generations would be useful. Sony has always tried to keep the price of its consoles to the lowest.

   The PlayStation 3 has been the most expensive console proposed by the firm to date with a price of $ 499 for the model 20 GB and $ 599 for the one with 60 GB of storage. The PS4 was launched seven years later and much cheaper, with a price of $ 399. Why PS3 had such a high price? Simply because it was equipped with fresh technologies and therefore expensive. At the time, the Blu-Ray was for example its debut.

   What about the price of the PS5 when it was released? The price projected by analysts is between 400 and 550 € depending on the specifications of the console, including the choice of graphics card, but also the storage technology (HDD or SSD) that will have an impact on the price.

PlayStation 5: technical sheet
   The first thing we can predict with certainty about the datasheet is the support of the native 4K for the PS5. Sony is ahead in this field by Microsoft whose Xbox One X can boast of this asset, unlike the PS4 Pro which is based on an upscaling optimized to grant itself the attribute of "4K capable".

   The console could as well turn games in 8K. This is in any case what suggests a statement of Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the famous franchise Gran Turismo racing games. Commenting on the potential of the new Gran Turismo Sport, he recently insinuated that the game could turn into 8K on the next Sony console that is none other than the PS5.

   The second most obvious evolution concerns the processor. It should be at least 3 times faster than that of the PS4. This will give developers the ability to create Triple A games without worrying about performance limits. The graphics card naturally should not be left out.

   An evolution worthy of the PlayStation 5 should reserve a minimum of 12 GB of memory for the GPU, which would put it at the same level as the Xbox One X which is 12 GB of memory GDDR5. This added power will allow the console to turn worry-free games in native 4K at 60 FPS.

   Finally, in terms of accessories, we could find a touch screen on the PS5 DualShock controller, according to a patent filed by Sony. An aspect that would provide access to important information from the controller.

   What is certain in any case is that the PS5 will be a true generation change. Not just a 2.0 model a little more powerful. According to Sony, the PS4 Pro is enough for those who want to enjoy a better rendering on current games. The PS5 will not arrive for a while but will offer much more.

PlayStation 5 : une nouvelle PS VR pour aller avec ?
   La PlayStation VR qui est sortie fin 2016 s’est très bien écoulée, ce qui montre qu’une bonne partie du public s’intéresse aux jeux en réalité virtuelle. Cependant, elle n’est qu’un casque VR pour console, ce qui en fait une alternative moins performante par rapport aux moutures destinées aux PC.

   C’est d’ailleurs la raison pour laquelle Microsoft semble donner la priorité à sa plateforme Windows Holographic récemment devenue Windows Mixed Reality pour la réalité virtuelle plutôt que de lancer un casque VR avec la Xbox One X, bien que la console soit nativement 100 % compatible.

   Mais avec la bonne réception de la PS VR par le public, Sony va sans doute poursuivre sur sa lancée en proposant cette fois un casque avec de bien meilleures performances, et ce d’autant plus que la PS5 offrira beaucoup plus de puissance.


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