Learn all methods of Hacking and electronic penetration on the way to the white hats security


     Many people are wondering what is the best way to learn the basics of hacking, because there are those who take video courses on YouTube and others who raise a little the level and buy paid courses on the platform but trust me either and this will succeed in learning because the field of penetration is not a lesson to draw History or geography so you can learn it with video because his last words can never allow you to dig deeper into hacking unless

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     What you need are solid references written as e-books, for example, which I think is the best option, but if you like to learn by surfing the Internet directly and not from the files you have downloaded, I will give you a very good site and personally consider my site. This is the most popular course in the field. It offers very detailed and commented written courses, accompanied by illustrations that allow you to better understand. This will save you from losing dozens of hours in trivial YouTube lessons that you will end up with. Just give you the basics but in the depths of everything An abbreviated form so you can understand more clearly and who will learn the skills of a white hat, because the owners of the site consider themselves as members of this category of pirates.


     What I like the most about the site is honesty, because it does not hunt readers with false addresses, as many do, and the explanations provided by the same results as if you applied what they did, so I've seen videos where people claim to be For professional tasks such as hacking Facebook accounts, spying on other people's files or remotely monitoring Android, the app is very different from what I saw in the video and I'm sure the same thing has happened dozens of times if you like to follow YouTube sessions. I do not extend, after entering the site, choose addresses I would like to know what I was talking about and why I consider this site as my favorite site in the field of piracy.

 Link Of Site : null-byte.wonderhowto


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