Bypass Google account Android, Ultimate solution to the problem of forgetting your Gmail account.

     All people who use or take the option to configure the factory from the recovery status "Thief" of course, but the thieves do not know more, and to be able to protect the protection of their systems, "Android" used lollipop 5 to activate the protection function. Any user entering the phone system after formatting this mode will only enter the same user and the same registered mail on the phone prior to the formatting process. This is a major inconvenience for the owner of the same phone if he inadvertently or deliberately resorts to the option of Formatage the status of the recovery and in case of forgetting the approved e-mail.

     We know, as well as others, that there are people who record fake messages on their Android phone. He will face this dilemma when the system asks him to use pre-recorded mail.
What can attract him with the trick after running the phone window that requires the introduction of mail where will not carry the jump button Skip to another option but the need to register the right mail.

How to ignore Google protection after formats

     These restrictions are limited to the recovery mode shape and apply to the default mode to reset the factory from the system itself. Therefore, in order to bypass the window requiring the introduction of approved mail, we need to reset the phone format and hard-to-reach system settings again. If the phone stops the option to enter the mail.

     Samsung bypass google verify A very small application not exceeding 45 KB will perform this function, but we will do so on OTG compatible phones, which will need to be transferred to OTG and connected to the phone while remaining on the old mail entry window. .

To download the application :

     Transfer it to OTG and install it on the phone. When the email screen is enabled, the system will work after the OTG tab is inserted into the phone's entry to display the default file browser.
Displays the apk file of the application. Install it by clicking on it and install.
Here you will have to authorize the installation of anonymous applications.
Enable this and enable the Unknown Resources option.

     After installation, do not press Done, you must test the Open Application command.
The application will end here because it will open the configuration settings we have access to only by connecting to the phone.

     Go to Backup and Reset, and then choose Reset Factory Settings.
Select Reset Device and Delete All.

     The phone will restart and come back allowing you to record new messages or skip the registration process for later, once entered into the system. and Enjoy.


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