Insert AdSense and fix Error MSG "Please correct errors in this form"

     You have a blog on the Blogger platform and you want to monetize it with Google AdSense. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to insert the Google AdSense code in gadget adsense.

     To insert the Google AdSense code on your Blogger top and to the right to the right of the article, it's easy to insert the code into the HTML tool and place it at the end of your blog.

     When you want to add the gadget adsense on your blog, and you can not register! If you received an error message :

           "Please correct errors in this form"

Impossible d'ajouter un gadget Adsense

     solution :

   It's very Easy to fixate it;

-  you can just take a javascript / html widget, then you paste your Adsense code and Save your code.


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