The best Android emulators to run applications on the computer.

     Short introduction of the simulation technique:

   Welcome to our site "Mobile-TechPro" given the large assisted development in the smart phone sector in the last period and the development of games and applications of these phones, we have received many inquiries on our accounts on social networks on things related to it was one of the most common issues, what is the best system software of the Alandroed emulator on the computer where I want the program to run games like Clash of Clans where Subway or Crush candies on your computer so that we have thought, of course, in the best programs that do the work and we have done the ministry of Alandroed simulation programs so that it contains all the programs of this type, but with The this has unfortunately not helpful and issues continue to flow dramatically to the loading of the best progra emulator for Android on your computer or laptop, so we decided to work on the subject of the day when we will be clarifying the 7 best free programs for the computer, you can download direct link from the bottom of These programs will allow you to use these games and applications without any problem, but we must first know the simulation and know how to use Android on your computer or simulate this system. All this information will be detailed in the following lines.

   At first, we will answer the most important question, "What is the simulation of the Android system?" Simulation is a process in which an appropriate environment is provided in which Android applications and games can be run without the need to use the phone by redeveloping ROOM, which contains all the files that work. Your phone in the Android system through which these files are modified to work on the computer by providing additional packages such as the SDK package, very complex process requiring of course experts in this area. Many programs offer this feature. The second question is how You can run an Android application and a simple process in which the system on which this game works is operated and then the game or application will work normally, but that depends, of course, on the many factors that we will mention in the previous lines, if you are interested in the choice of an emulator adapted to your situation. Read carefully, please.

     Which simulator is right for you - Emulator to download: 

  In this case, there are many options and alternatives. The user is confused and asks which of these programs should be downloaded and which one will fulfill the intended purpose, but the subject is much simpler because, like any type of software, you will find for each emulator a set of advantages and disadvantages based on You know if you need a particular program, but you must first know some questions before choosing the program that suits you.

     Do you have the resources?

   This question is very important before downloading a program running Android applications on your desktop or laptop. Each of these programs has certain operating requirements that must be provided primarily so that you can enjoy your favorite game or application without spasm or sudden shutdown, if its memory is more random With 4 GB and a higher frequency processor at 2 GHz and a video card with 512 MB of memory, you can now download any program that does this work, but if your potential is less than 4 GB, you should look in the list below for the program most light and download it. Because if you have loaded our horns A hard metal will not be happy.

     Are you an application developer?

   If you are an application developer working on Android game design and programming and want a program to try it out on your games and projects, there are programs designed specifically for this task and I suggest you use any other type of software because it will cost you more time and effort. Examples of separate software designed for movement developers.

     Are you ready to pay?

   Fortunately, most of the simulators currently available are free, which will make them suitable for many of you, but some special pay programs offer extra powerful features and are featured on Android, such as the sophisticated Android 5 Android Loli Bob and Android 6 marshmallows and Android 7 Noga. These programs cost between $ 10 and.

Download the best BlueStack simulation program

When we talk about Android software, and when we ask for a simple and compatible simulation program for all Windows systems, from Windows XP to Windows 10, Blostak is the best of all programs, it's the most popular program and the most more used in the world. Android is on the computer without needing to use a phone and of course with full support for all android applications known to all, BlueStacks provides the latest version of the operating environment perfectly suited for applications and applications. games, especially for heavy games such as Angry Birds or Candy Candy Plus, the program contains the official BlueStax Google Play Store software and you can register using your account as is in your phone. You can download all apps safely through the google Play store. You can also download any other store and use it instead of Google Play, such as One Mobile market or Ubuntu Store, and BlueStack has a unique, easy-to-use interface with full Arabic support in the world. interface or writing. You will have no problem related to this and you can get the program for free via this link :

 - Bluestacks simulation
Best BlueStack simulation program

Download NOX App Player to play Android games:

   The Android simulation program on a light and simple computer and small and free and all the features that can be searched by all users is put in the second place, where Knox AbPlayer is considered one of the best specialized programs in this area and thanks to the simple system used by the program. The best Android app for Windows XP and Windows 7 because it does not require powerful features, unlike other competing programs. You can download applications into the program in a simple way through its integrated google play store with all other Google services or by downloading applications. The program "NOX App Player" comes with a very simple interface and is very similar to the normal Android interface where you will find the clock and the notification bar in the same format in Android phones and without every change you will find a set of tools and shortcuts that you can use in many tasks such as screen rotation and raising and lowering the sound and screen shot of "Screen Shot". You can also download it for free via this :

   - NOX App Player
NOX App Player 

Download Genomeotion for developers: 

   If you are an Android developer or an experienced player in this system, Jenny Motion is the best solution for you. The program offers you more than 15 different Android systems. You can download any system from them and run it on your phone. You can choose between the systems used on Samsung phones. Or those used in Nexus phones, etc. In addition, you can customize the settings to control the space used by the program from random memory and the space it will use from the hard disk's memory. This program is designed specifically for Android application developers and may be found by the ordinary and complicated user do not load it unless you have the experience to be installed and manage it where the program is only available in English and does not contain a set of known Google Apps, including Google Play. The program must also have quite powerful possibilities, but for those who want a unique gaming experience on their device, Jenny Motion is the best download now the free software from the link below :

   - Genomeotion
Genomeotion Emulators developer


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