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  • All you need to know about the Facebook audience network
   When you create your ads and go to change placements, you will see many placement headers. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and audience network.
   The first three explain to a large extent, especially since you have seen clear examples of all the investment options that concern them.

       But what about public network sites?
       What is the audience network and why should you use it?
       In this post we will discuss all this and more.
   We will review everything you need to know about the Facebook audience to give you a specific answer about whether or not these placements are used for your ads and apps.
  • What is a Facebook audience?
   The Facebook audience network was released in 2014, but many companies and even some marketers do not understand exactly what they are.
   Facebook audience Network is an outdoor advertising network for Facebook and apps embedded in mobile applications. Advertisers can display their ads to customers who use non-Facebook sites and mobile apps, allowing them to go beyond the platform, while using Facebook's high-end advertising system.
     Game changer, no?
   The Facebook audience is also a revenue opportunity for those with apps. Everyone can join the public network on Facebook and when users interact with ads in your app, you get a portion of your advertising revenue on Facebook.
   And because ad formats are flexible, mobile apps that serve network ads to the public can combine native ads that always match their design. This means that the user experience will be better and that these ads will perform better.

  • Why should I use the Facebook audience network?
   This is a good question: if I pay for high participation and great positions on Facebook and Instagram, why can I activate Audience Network placements?
   There are two main answers to this question. As we discuss it, remember that even though the ads are not on Facebook or Instagram, you still get clear laser targeting 

   The first answer is that you get an extended stretch. Your ads are shown on an additional platform, which can help you connect to the right audience. Because public network ads may appear slightly more in the application than in a newspaper, this may be an advantage.
   But the second answer, perhaps the biggest. Audience placements are much cheaper than other investments, including Facebook and Instagram. By enabling placements on audience networks, you reduce your average cost-per-click (CPC) in your advertising campaigns.
   When you make them, you will have more space to increase your bids in some of your other locations, while maintaining your desired average CPA bid.

  - Integrating Facebook Audience Network with Mediation :

  • What do I need to know before running Facebook ads?
   There are some things you would like to decide directly on the bat, including the layout and audience you will use. You have three different options:
original ad, banner and interstitial
     In-stream videos
     Reward videos

   You can use both static ads and video ads as you see fit. However, you must stick to the correct width ratios for both, to ensure their beautiful appearance. Facebook's recommendations are as follows:
   Box 1: 1 and full landscape (16: 9) for placements in the stream; Facebook recommends that you stick to these percentages if you use Facebook and Audience sites.
9: 16 and 16: 9 for each reward video, local ads, banners and interstitial ads.
  • Why should I join the Facebook public?
   Monetization is the key to joining the public network and linking your app or mobile site.
All you have to do is explore the initial setup and collect a negative income from the interaction on the ads displayed in your app.

  • How to join a Facebook audience network
   Joining a Facebook audience is very easy. It takes about fifteen minutes and Facebook guides you through everything.

   First, you will create a new app ID or select an app you have already contacted on Facebook.
To create a new application ID, simply identify the ID and enter it in the URL.

   Then you will add your application.Start this process by entering Itunes or your app's Google ID.

   Once done, you will create advertising space.There are only four allowed for each platform, and can not be deleted - just edit them.

   Once you have created your ad slot, you can create an ad slot in it.

   Then you will integrate the Audience Network SDK into your application, test its integration and submit your application for review.
   You can see the Facebook guides to learn how to proceed, depending on the type of platform.
   After that, simply provide income information so that Facebook can send your check when it comes.

  • Conclusion
   The Facebook audience is an excellent opportunity for advertisers and app owners.
   This helps reduce costs for businesses and marketers who serve Facebook ads on multiple sites.
It also provides a source of direct revenue to application owners.
   This is a nice feature that you can use and use as you like, and since the site is automatically enabled for all ad campaigns, you will not have to worry about forgetting it.


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