Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as IA, is defined by one of its creators, Marvin Lee Minsky, as follows: "Building computer programs that engage in tasks that are currently being accomplished is more satisfactory than humans because it requires mental processes Such as cognitive learning, memory regulation, and inference of criticism. "

Definition of

For cognitive science, any robot has a certain degree of "intelligence" from the moment it can adapt to the environment and solve problems. However, it is difficult to define boundaries.

There are different definitions of artificial intelligence:

- Artificial character means: This type of intelligence is the result of the process of human creation, not a biological process and evolutionary nature.

On the other hand, it is difficult to define the concept of intelligence:

- The ability to acquire and retain knowledge, to learn or understand through experience.

- Using faculty to solve problems, respond quickly and appropriately to a new position, etc. See IQ machines

Problems raised by artificial intelligence are related to different areas such as:

- Engineering, especially for building robots,

- Human Cognition Science (Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, ...)

- Philosophy of mind in issues related to knowledge and awareness.

There are two types of intelligence:

- Weak artificial intelligence

- "Strong artificial intelligence

Strong Artificial Intelligence:

The concept of strong artificial intelligence refers to a machine capable not only of producing intelligent behavior, but to experience the true sense of self-awareness, "real feelings" and understand his logic.

Weak Artificial Intelligence:

The concept of weak artificial intelligence is a practical approach to engineering seeking to build more independent systems, algorithms that contribute to solving certain class problems, etc ... But this time, the machine simulates intelligence, and it seems to behave as if it were intelligent. (This is a former program done by man, for example chess online)

Artificial intelligence Different fields of application:

The current achievements of artificial intelligence can be grouped into different fields, such as:

- Expert systems.

Learn the machine.

- Automatic language processing.

- Identify shapes, faces and vision in general ...

Although the term artificial intelligence is determinable, it does not mean that artificial intelligence exists today.


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