How to Make Money with Surveys on YouGov

How to get $ 25 in day from YouGov

   At this time, I will propose a simple solution for those who wish to add pocket money, especially to students.

There are many ways to get easy money on the Internet, but there is another way I'm going to discuss it here and use it now. Submit a popular survey site YouGov.

I will give a little tutorial on the use of yougov and some information on the system of work.

     How to get money from YouGov:

   Yougov is a well-known survey site, how easy it works to use. Here is the yougov business system.

   You will be notified of a new survey by e-mail after your registration.
Complete the survey. Each survey will be assigned 50 to 300 points, depending on the length of the survey questions.
   You can add points by clicking on the "Request" section. Here you get a link that you can share with anyone. Each link you clicked by a person registered to that YouGov person will get additional points, but remember that a person must complete the first study 5 first, then the points you will get.
Yougov pays every month when we collect them. The number of points to get the payment must be 5000 points with a total of $ 25 or the equivalent of Rs. 250000.
   How you are interested in this relaxed effort, you can try it now because it is an easy task to do wherever you are. Most importantly, this site does not charge any fees or it can be 100% completely free. Registration The following tutorial:

     How to get money from YouGov:

   1. Visit our website or click (to be Reffereal-me, help later Llano Gan has left a lot of If you do not want to be your representative, you can directly visit the website

   2. After entering, you will get a view similar to the ones below. Then just sign up for Facebook or register now (I recommend you sign up with your gmail account)

   3. After you register, please check the gmail account that you registered.

   4. After that you click the box that I have given a red sign

   5. Your account has been verified. Now complete your data again by pressing the link as shown below.

   6. Fill in all the data needed

   7. Open your email / refresh your email again and click the link as below to do the first online survey. You will get the first 150 points to do a survey.

   8. Please follow the steps of the next survey to fill out the survey.

   advice from me, use google translate or bing translate to fill out the survey because later when the contents of the survey are in English, if you are an English speaking person you might not need to use translate

   To view other surveys, you can press the Panel> My Account button> Click Available Surveys.

   To get this $ 25 dollar you have to collect 5000 points. This dollar can later be sent via PayPal. Therefore you must have a PayPal account. How to create the latest paypal account

     Proof of payment from YouGov:

   Thank you for reading my article
   How to get $ 25 dollars from YouGov
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