What's New in iOS 12

   Apple introduced its latest version of iOS, iOS 12, on June 4 at the main event of the World Developer Conference.

In iOS 12, Apple doubled its performance, working from top to bottom, to make the iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive. Apple has improved obsolete and new devices and iOS 12 is designed to work on all devices that work with iOS 11.

With Apple's increased productivity, applications are faster, the keyboard runs faster, and the camera opens faster. Apple also upgraded the system when it was under load, making iOS devices faster when they need to perform more.

iOS 12

Although Apple is focusing on the improvements that are still going on iOS 12, there is a long list of new features in the update that make this new version awesome from iOS.

Apple has introduced a new customizable Animoji program called Memoji, which you can customize to look like you. Group FaceTime supports calls with up to 32 people, Memoji, Animoji and other fun effects can be used in both messages and FaceTime via the new effects camera.


Siri is much smarter on iOS 12. Siri can answer questions about celebrities, food and motorsports, and there's a brand new shortcut feature built on the Workflow app. With keyboard shortcuts, you can create a wide variety of automated processes using third-party and third-party applications, which can then be activated by Siri voice commands.

Siri's suggestions and shortcuts appear on the lock screen and when you go down to search, Siri can do more than ever before using the integration of third-party shortcuts. You can create shortcuts using the Custom Shortcuts application in the fall, and the application will offer many preconfigured options to make it easier to start.

Apple has designed a complete set of time management tools and focuses on iOS 12, starting with the new "Screen Time" feature. Time Monitor reports weekly activity reports detailing how your iOS device, including the time you spend in each app, uses the number of captures on your phone, the time you spend on your iPhone or iPad, and the apps you use. send the most. Notifications


Allows application limits, which are part of screen time, to set a time limit for applications to remind you to use less, while new parental controls allow parents to access the number of children spend time on their computers and reduce that time using one of the richer and more accurate control options.

Nighttime's "Do Not Disturb" feature allows you to turn off notifications at night so you do not only see the time, and Do Not Disturb is usually easier to use with DND options that include end available in the Control Center. "By touching 3D or pressing" Press. "With these DND features, you can set Do Not Disturb for an hour, while in a specific location, or for the duration of the meeting.

Bulk notifications have been added to make it easy to view and manage all notifications for an app at the same time, as well as a new feature to configure instant connections to edit alerts when they're connected. You can click a notification to disable notifications for a specific application or set them to Quietly, which sends them to the notification shade rather than the lock screen. Siri also offers suggestions to disable notifications for apps you no longer use, and notifications that are all less intrusive on iOS 12.

New in iOS 12

Many apps include new features in iOS 12. There is an Apple News navigation feature and an Apple News side on the iPad, and Apple has redesigned the entire stock app and introduced it to the iPad. The voice notes have also been updated and made available on the iPad, and iBooks has been fully updated with a new look, which is now playing to sync what you read on devices, and a new name - Apple Books.

 iOS 12

The carplay app now supports third-party navigation applications, such as Google Maps and Waze, also offers the application of images with search functions and more powerful search suggestions, as well as "for you" new section provides the most important images and modify the proposals, and "in this day," look what has happened in recent years. Sharing is a photo center, and you'll see suggestions for sharing photos with your friends and vice versa.

New in iOS 12

ARKit 2.0 on iOS adds 12 new features that have the potential to make augmented reality much more useful in iOS apps. Has been improved tracking faces and incarnation of beings, and there is a new detect three-dimensional objects, but the fundamental changes include common experiences that allow children to see the AR environment itself distinct features and perseverance, which allow the composition of the AR experiments on this or physical empty object.

Apple has launched a new format for USDZ files developed in collaboration with Pixar, which will allow the use of AR resources across the system, in Safari, Messages, Mail and more. USDZ will allow you to put 3D AR objects in the real world within these applications. Apple works with many companies such as Adobe to implement USDZ support in a unique way.

As part of the new ARKit 2.0 changes, Apple introduces a new application called Measure, which uses augmented reality features to measure objects, lines, and rectangles, and developers can create richer experiences by using all of them. new tools.

IOS 12 is currently limited to developers, with Apple developing beta systems for developers and a beta version for general beta testers, allowing the public to try the program before its release this fall.

   Performance improvement

Before the release of the first version of iOS 12, rumors suggested that Apple had dropped many features to focus on performance and reliability. It turned out to be true, and Apple says it has made iOS 12 fast and efficient on all devices, including older iPhones and iPads.

On the iPhone 6 Plus, for example, Apple says that applications started at 40% faster, while the keyboard can appear 50% faster. When you open the camera on the lock screen to take a picture, it runs up to 70% faster.

iOS 12

Apple has worked to make the animation smoother and more responsive across the operating system, so that when you perform tasks such as access to the control center or scrolling through applications or fast scrolling during performing multiple tasks, everything seems more flexible.

It was 'a deep focus' of the Apple iOS 12 operating system is to enhance the system when it is charging, and on the scene, Craig Federighi told Apple to launch applications at speeds of up to at twice the download speed, as is the case with the log share.

Apple has made these improvements by optimizing iOS across its entire line of A-series chips. On iOS 12, when your iPhone or iPad detects the need for a super performance for something like launching an app, the performance processor accumulate instantly then go back down to save the battery.

IOS 12 users have noticed speed improvements on old and new devices, and these improvements should be improved during the trial period.

   Time screen and reduce distractions

IOS operating system includes 12 full set of built-in features designed to help you focus and reduce distraction and monitor the use of your iOS device and a better understanding of how to use your time throughout the day.

Screen Time, a new integrated application section for iPhone and iPad settings, collect data about what you do on your iPhone to give you an idea of ​​how much time you spend on your iOS devices.

New in iOS 12

This feature provides deep statistics about the amount of time spent in different categories of apps, and the amount of time spent in each app, and the number of times picking up an iPhone, which sends apps that you most notifications and websites that you visit, and more. This information is grouped on all your iOS devices to provide a general view of usage, with additional details when you click on each application in the list.

Screen Time is a very detailed and interesting look at how to spend time on your iPhone, providing Apple with a weekly activity report for review. With this information, Apple gives individuals the details to make decisions about the overall use of the application and whether it needs to be reduced. You can see your usage on all your devices or on a single device with the available screen time options.

You can wait for your weekly reports or view the View Time tool in the Today view to see statistics on the use of apps, notifications, and device data. The full usage feature is also available in the Settings app.

For those who want to use this information to reduce the time spent on iOS devices, Apple has added several tools in iOS 12.

   Do not interrupt

The nuisance feature in iOS 12 has been improved in several ways. First of all, there is a new Bedtime mode that is designed to hide all your incoming notifications at night, so all you see is the time and date.

Sleep mode is designed to allow you to quickly watch your phone at midnight without distracting you during notifications. In the morning, you can disable the one-click standby mode, which enables all hidden notifications.

New in iOS 12

There are also new controls in Do Not Disturb mode in the Control Center on the iPhone and iPad. By clicking on the Do Not Disturb icon, you can select options that include enabling no-disturb mode for one hour until tomorrow morning or even exit from a specific location.

Siri's suggestions also include the "Do not disturb" feature to move from situations where you may want to activate the feature.

- Notifications

IOS 12 gives you more control over the notifications you receive daily with the new Alerts Adjustment feature. When a notification arrives on your iPhone or iPad, you can tap on it for options that include silent broadcast or shutdown.

Choose Delivery The delivery feature silently displays application notifications in the notification shade and creates a badge on the app's icon, but does not appear on the lock screen or banner ads.

 iOS 12

The shutdown, as the name suggests, disables all notifications for a particular application and also provides access to the Settings application to see the complete list of notification commands for each application. For applications that you no longer use and continue to send notifications, Siri offers suggestions to disable them.

Apple has also added bundled notifications on iOS 12, an essential feature to clean the lock screen by aggregating application notifications, theme, etc., with the ability to click the notification set to view notifications. individual.

You can also clear group notifications, a useful feature for managing long lists of notifications.

Critical alerts, a new type of subscription notification, allow specific applications to send notifications that ignore "Do not disturb" settings. This is designed to allow you to use Do Not Disturb mode without losing important information by mistake, such as a notification from your health care provider.

- Application limits and DOWNTIME

For iPhone and iPad users who want an active reminder to spend less time on a particular application, Apple has implemented the limits of the application.

You can set a time limit for the app's category, such as games, and when you spend the specified time with this app category, your iOS device will send you a notification that it's time to upgrade to something else. You can of course ignore the warning, but it is a useful feature that requires little help to manage its time.
What's New in iOS 12
With the downtime, you can set a schedule of hours that you want to be away from your iPhone or iPad. When enabled, the downtime only allows access to the phone call applications of your choice.

- Parental control

Screen Time, App Limits, and Downtime settings, along with content and privacy restrictions, are available for parents to monitor how kids use their time and restrict what's available on their child's iOS device .

Parents can restrict access to the app by using application limits and downtime, while screen time can be used to see when a child is on their iPhone or iPad. Content and privacy allows parents to restrict certain types of apps, set privacy controls, block purchases, disable password code changes, set age limits for content, and more.
OS 12
You can, for example, set your iPad or iPhone to a child not to allow access to applications in the category of "games" during certain times of the day, which leaves the possibility of access to the phone and applications educational.

With tools available to set child-specific application limits, parental controls on iOS 12 are becoming more powerful, giving parents more information and control over iPhone and iPad.

The Screen Time options and the new parental control work with Family Sharing, an Apple feature that allows families to share content, location information, photos, and more.



Apple has uniquely reformed Siri in iOS 12, integrating the Workflow application it bought in 2017 into the operating system.

With the new Siri Shortcuts feature, you can create multiple shortened steps using any of the third-party applications that can be activated using a Siri voice command. So, for example, you can create a shortcut to do something like running the thermostat at home with the application nest, and send a text message to your colleague in the room so they're on your way using messaging and open the Maps with main directions app with Siri's "I'm going home" direction.


Or something like surfing trip, you can use only Siri command to accomplish many tasks such as getting a report on surfing, and get the current weather and calculate the estimated arrival at the beach time, and to get a reminder to put it on the visor of your sun.

The abbreviations are highly customizable, with third-party applications capable of exposing a series of quick actions to SYR that can be incorporated into your shortcut recipes.

Using a meditation application such as Headspace, for example, you can set up a shortcut that runs in a 5-minute meditation session using the "Hey Siri, help me relax" command. Or you can set up a shortcut "Order my shopping" to open Instacart and make a request.

Apple launches the Shortcuts app using the drop and repository editor that will serve as a hub for creating shortcuts, but is not available during the test period.


It includes shortcuts of apps, an exhibition where there will be hundreds of Apple shortcuts suggestions for use by people, as shortcuts suggestions are available in the app settings shortcuts section to help you find out which shortcuts Siri can help you with based on applications that have been recently used.

-Suggestions for SIRI

Siri's suggestions will appear both for shortcuts and frequently used applications on the lock screen and when you click on the Home screen to access the search.

Siri can suggest that you send messages to people you frequently talk to at some point, or view a third-party application that you use regularly.

New in iOS 12

If you wake up and ask for a coffee each morning, Siri could suggest your favorite coffee app on the lock screen. Or if you use a specific app to track gymnastics in the gym, Siri can suggest this app when you decide you're in the gym for exercise.

If you are late for an appointment, Siri can offer to send an SMS to the person you meet. If your grandmother has a birthday, Siri might suggest sending her a text message.

Siri's very smart suggestions on iOS 12 with Siri's ability to suggest more than ever given the entry of the third-party application provided by Shortcuts.

- Other improvements to SIRI

Siri on iOS 12 can answer questions about motor sports, food and celebrity questions, and the Personal Assistant can give you access to passwords stored in the iCloud Keychain series.

For motorized sports, you can ask Siri for direct orders, schedules, lists and statistics, while the famous Siri disc lets you answer questions like "Where was Christian Bell born?" Or "Who's going to marry Amy Adams?"

With new nutritional knowledge, Siri can access information from the Ministry of Agriculture database. So ask questions such as "How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?" Or "What is the level of fish health?" Or "how many calories are in an apple?"

Other new Siri features include the ability to access your passwords, either for a specific application or for the entire iCloud Keychain, and search for images and memories based on people, places, events and keywords.

Commands such as "Show me pictures of cats", "Show me pictures of San Diego" or "Show me pictures of a cat caught in San Diego" will work when iOS 12. Note: Some features do are not fully functional in beta.

Siri can now be translated to and from 40 additional languages, greatly expanding the integrated translation functionality.

   Animoji and Memoji

For devices with the TrueDepth camera system, iOS 12 offers new Animoji features such as language detection and better facial tracking. With the revelation of the language, Animoji can now stick to the language, there is also an option to detect a wink.

Animoji recordings can now last up to 30 seconds, from 10 seconds on iOS 11, allowing you to record Animoji messages longer.

There are also new Animoji options, including Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex, as well as a new customizable Animoji experience called Memoji.

Using Memoji, you can create custom Animoji in the messaging application, just as you use a range of advanced customization options. You can choose skin color, hair color, hair style, eye color, eyebrows, nose and features such as freckles, facial hair, accessories and hair coverings. leaders.

There is no limit to the number of Memoji you can create, so you can add multiples for each aspect you want to express. As mentioned below, Memoji and Animoji can be used in messages and FaceTime on iOS 12.

   Application improvements

Apple in iOS 12 has developed many applications that were on the iPhone only on the iPad, including actions and voice memos, as new applications have acquired new features.

- Message

In addition to Animoji and Memoji on iPhone X, Messages on All Devices provides a new effects camera that lets you add fun effects to your photos using the built-in camera.

Clicking on the star to the right of the messaging camera gives you access to a set of filters, shapes, text and text effects, stickers (downloadable from the iMessage App Store) and drawing tools to enhance your photos before sending them.
You can also apply Animoji and Memoji faces to your face in the camera for fun animations.

The App Strip app is redesigned in the email application with a new look that takes up less space. The new iMessage app offers you photo sharing suggestions based on your contacts, your topics of conversation and the where you took pictures.


IOS 12 provides a new FaceTime feature that iOS users have been wanting for years: Group FaceTime. You can apply FaceTime with up to 32 people using iOS 12 and update its sister, macOS Mojave.

In these face-to-face conversations, all participants are visible in a tiled display, changing the tile size to draw attention to who is speaking right now. You can also use the Focus View feature to double-click the person you want to see.
ios 12

New people can be added to a group conversation at any time, and GroupTime Face calls can be resolved on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and HomePod. With the last two options, you can only join a conversation with the audio instead of the video. Group FaceTime calls send silent, dream-free messages to participants you can click to join.

FaceTime also includes the same Effects camera that was introduced in the Messages, allowing you to access Animoji and Memoji, filters, posters, and more during FaceTiming for someone.

FaceTime is embedded deeper into messages, so you can start a FaceTime call either in an individual conversation or during a group discussion.

- Photos

IOS 12 is better than ever with a range of performance and performance improvements. Search is more powerful, allowing you to search for companies by name or by major categories like restaurants. Apple has added more than four million references to events such as sporting events and concerts, you can also search for the event and find your photos.

Search hints have been added to help you find content even before you start typing. Apple offers suggestions for events, people, places, groups, and groups, and you can also use multiple terms. search at a time.
A new "For you" tab has been added to the Photos app, offering a collection of recent memories and photos of shared albums and photos you've taken today in the last few years and suggestions for adding light at your best. Photo editing through images.

There is also the Shared Suggestions feature designed to capture a set of photos you take that includes friends or family and offers quick sharing options. Recognize the person on the photo and suggest sharing photos with that person, then suggest that this person also send their own photos using the "Share" feature, which makes it easy to share images associated with a target.

Like all Apple features, enhanced search and shared suggestions use machine learning for privacy reasons. Apple also uses encryption from start to finish to protect all your content, even Apple.

The new import tools make it easy to import photos and videos from professional cameras. RAW images can be imported into photos on iPhone and iPad and edited on the iPad Pro.

The Photo Albums tab has also been converted to a sorted list by media type to make it easier to search for existing albums faster.

- Apple News 

The new Browse tab is designed in Apple News to help you discover new channels, new topics, and access to your favorites. On the iPad in particular, the new Apple Information Bar is available for faster navigation through hot topics.


- shops

Apple has assembled the entire stock app and brought it to the iPad on iOS 12. The title has a new look with lightning lines and hours of performance, as well as the Apple News integration, which features news sponsored by Apple News editors.


There is a customizable watch list so you can track all the stocks you follow. You can click any arrow to get a more detailed view, even after hours, with the app also displaying news headlines for each company.

- Voice memos

Voice memos have been rebuilt to be easier to use, and for the first time, iCloud support includes downloading all your audio recordings and storing them in the cloud. Audio notes iCloud support was needed because Apple also extended the voice memos to the iPad for the first time.


- APPLE wrote

IBooks on iOS 12 has a new look and name - Apple Books. From the Reading Now section, you can track where you left your book on one of your devices, and track your place on multiple books.

Immediate Reading also includes suggestions for additional books to explore among categories that include publisher choices, award winners, customer favorites, movie-based books, and more.

View the complete group of books in the redesigned library section, which has a clean, distraction-free appearance, while the re-book store offers refurbished staff choices and new versions of the most important systems and an option to navigate through kind.

Audio Books section also contains its own section within the Apple Books application, and there is a strong search to search specific tab addresses.

- Camera

Apple has not made a lot of changes to the camera application in the iOS 12 operating system, but there are some improvements.

Portraiture lighting features on compatible devices better than ever thanks to the device's ability to generate a mask when we discover people, separating the person from the intelligent scene.

It has been improved read with fast response feature highlights QR codes in the frame code, making it easier to analyze.

For developers, Apple has added an interface that allows new Segmentation Portrait of separate layers in the image. It will allow an application programming interface for developers to create applications that can easily separate the subject from its background to add unique image effects.

- carplay

Supports the carplay app in the iOS 12 browsing operating system for third-party apps such as Google Maps and Waze for the first time, allowing carplay users to choose to use something other than Apple Maps for mobility needs.


Apple music did not have a comprehensive reform of the iOS 12 operating system, but Apple has provided the artist page with larger images and the ability to play Disekograve rocker button artist on the same page.

There is also a new option to search for songs through the lyrics of songs from Apple Music, which contains lyrics information.

- Measured

IOS operating system includes 12 new fully augmented reality app from Apple, named Measure, which is designed to make it easy to measure objects using augmented reality function.

Measurement can measure lines and discover shapes such as rectangles for the specific dimensions of a few clicks on your iPhone screen.

   privacy, security and security enhancements

- Automatic passwords

In the iOS 12 operating system, your iPhone and iPad automatically suggests a strong and unique password for each site and application that you want to create login information. All of these passwords are stored on your iOS device, and you can even have Siri open a list of your passwords, which are synced across all your devices.

As will be able to manage applications, such as 1Password, provide the passwords for websites and applications by adding passwords that are new AutoFill available for developers.

You can share your passwords more easily in iOS 12 with AIRDROP password options, which allows you to AIRDROP your passwords saved to other devices and other people to share passwords faster. You can share iOS device and iOS device device passwords on your Apple TV Mac and iOS device.


ARKit 2
IOS 11 ARKit, an enhanced Apple platform that allows developers to create real-life experiences in iOS and gaming applications, and on iOS 12, has brought new features and improvements to ARKit more powerful than ever.

Apple has designed a new file format, USDZ, in partnership with Pixar. This new file format, optimized for sharing while retaining graphics and 3D animations, is capable of running on iOS 12. This means you can now see the improved reality of Safari, Messages, Mail, and more.

In Safari, for example, the website can display a compact reality image that can be directly projected in the real world, by changing the rules of the game when buying furniture. Apple is working with many companies to implement full support for USDZ, such as Adobe.


ARKit 2.0 includes enhancements that include enhanced face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, continuous experiences, and shared experiences. The last two additions resulted in the biggest change in AR applications.
Through continuous experiences, the AR experience can be linked to an object or region of the real world and be reachable multiple times, without having to start every time you open an application. Apple has proven it with the ARKit LEGO package, which has built a virtual world around the group that can be changed and backed up every game session. Think of perseverance as it provides you with your RA experiences.

With shared experiences, you can play improved reality games and use augmented reality apps with your friends to discover the real-life multiplayer experience. You and the people around you can see your own point of view in a common virtual environment. So, using the LEGO example above, two people can see the LEGO world of augmented reality and face it at the same time on their own devices.

3D Object Recognition, another new feature, allows you to recognize ARKit objects and route your device to them, using the information used to run AR experiments. Augmented reality is also more realistic, as virtual objects can better reflect the realistic scene in the camera through improvements in landscape

   Compatible devices

IOS 12 is compatible with all devices running iOS 11. This includes the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad mini 2 and newer, the latest iPad Air, and the sixth generation iPod touch.


- Publication date

IOS 12 is currently in beta for developers and the public beta lab. Those who want to become pilots can try the trial version of the new software subscription at the test site of Apple's test.

After several months of beta testing to work out bugs and improvements to the program, iOS 12 will be launched in the fall alongside the new iPhones.

- Black Mode


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