Apple launches new APPLE CARD Bank PAY, to become a BANK

   Apple Card is the new bank card launched by Apple to simplify all your payments. It is also a sign that the Apple firm wants to become a full-fledged bank.

   Rumors had suggested it and now it's official. Apple launches its own credit card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard: Apple Card. This one exists both in the Wallet app on iOS and in physical format.
In this way, you can pay with an iPhone in any part of the world where Apple Pay is accepted. But if you go to a country or a shop where this mobile payment service is not available, you can use the physical bank card.
Apple CARD
   In its physical version, the Apple Card will only house one chip and the registration of your first and last name. In other words, it does not display the credit card number, the CVC code or your signature, nor any expiry date.

   On the mobile app side, Apple Card offers a "very easy to use" chat platform to contact customer support. In addition to this, the service promises to facilitate the consultation of your bank statements, some of whose lines are sometimes difficult to understand since they consist mainly of a series of numbers and letters without apparent logic.

All in the Wallet.
Put up Apple Pay in your business.

Security and confidentiality for all your purchases.

   Thanks to machine learning, Apple Card will simplify this reading by showing more clearly which trader has drawn money. Obviously, you benefit from a dashboard to have a better control of your expenses and ceilings.

     Rewards system

   To encourage you to use Apple Card, the Cupertino company has set up Daily Cash, a rewards system that gives you a small amount of money each time you make a purchase with the card.
Apple Pay is easy to use and works with the Apple devices you use every day. Shop securely in-store, apps, and the web. Apple Pay is not only easier to use than your credit card, but also safer.

   This way you earn 3% of the purchase amount for each race spent on an Apple service, 2% of the amount of each purchase with Apple Pay and 1% for all purchases with the physical card.

     Privacy and zero bank charges

   Apple promises great security for your banking data since they are all processed directly on the iPhone and not stored in the servers of the company. "Apple does not know what you bought, where you bought it, and how much you paid for it. "

In addition, Apple promises not to charge any bank fees.


Apple Card will be available in the US this summer.


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The Secret of Success

     The secret of success is not one single, pithy tip.

The “secret of success,” if there is one, is that success is brought about by a combination of smart habits, a tenacious spirit, and a whole lot of luck. Making a few conscious changes to your behavior and attitude could prove to quite rewarding.

   10 Rules of Success by Elon Musk :

         - Act despite fear
         - Focus on customers
         - Have a high pain threshold
         - To be rigorous in the analysis of oneself
         - Expect to fail
         - Have a sense of humor
         - Aim for perfection
         - Make your shores
         - To be an adventurer
         - Inspire greatness
         - Drive innovation



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The Best Websites of Short Links

Les bénéfices d'Internet sont illimités, car il existe des milliers de façons de ne pas compter et chaque personne spécialisée dans les méthodes Internet gagne en utilisant le chiffre d'affaires quotidien ou mensuel du Web, et nous sommes déjà sur le blog de discussion proffesional dont nous avons déjà parlé Il existe de nombreuses façons de gagner de l'argent sur Internet, y compris les 10 meilleurs moyens de gagner de l'argent sur Internet et de gagner de l'argent en vendant des livres sur Amazon et dans de nombreux autres posts.

Dans ce sujet d’aujourd’hui, nous allons partager avec vous la façon dont beaucoup de gens le considèrent comme le moyen le plus simple de réaliser un profit. Le lien a une certaine somme d’argent et de nombreux sites spéciaux proposent ce service, mais nous ne partagerons avec vous que 4 sites considérés comme les meilleurs du monde.

   1 - Website
One of the best known sites is and it may not seem familiar to you since you know it, but we should not talk about the best links sites without mentioning, which is one of the best sites of all time. .

Log in to

   2 -  Website

Linkshrink is one of the most popular links. It also supports payment for Pioneer and PayPal, and pays up to $ 5 per 1,000 visitors for the short link.

Log in to

   3 -  Website Utilisateurs
Bien que le site soit récemment devenu très répandu et s'appelle userscloud, c'est le meilleur site pour les liens courts à ce jour. En raison du prix élevé des visites et des avantages qu'il offre aux éditeurs et aux pays arabes et étrangers, il propose 3 $ par mille visites

                                                      Log in to Utilisateurs

   4 - Website linkshrink

Linkshrink is one of the most popular links. It also supports payment for Pioneer and PayPal, and pays up to $ 5 per 1,000 visitors for the short link.

Log in to linkshrink


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Earn Money With Shorten Links
Earn Money With Shorten Links
Today we are going to talk about the benefits of shortened links, considered one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the Internet.
You do not need a lot of skills and you are very effective to start if you want a quick return or a quick profit via the Internet.
You will not earn thousands of dollars that way, but with some effort you will be able to reach a satisfactory level to start taking advantage of the Internet.

     What are the Short links?

This is a service offered by some sites that allows you to shorten any normal link to any short URL site.
The company will diffuse advertisements in a different way for each visitor, then will be redirected to the original site they wish to visit.
You will get a clearer picture when you notice the nature of the benefits derived from the shortcut links.
And the way companies exploit the profitability of shortened links.

     Steps to take advantage of shortcut links

1 - When you create an account on a site that offers a link service.
Here are sites with a revenue sharing program to display ads (not all sites have a revenue sharing program).
Then you may have taken your first step to gain short links.

2 - These sites or companies give you the opportunity to put a link (link) for any site in their tool.
This link should be shortened to give you another link.
You can choose any link you place for the company, whether or not you own this site and whether it is a main page for a site or a sub page.

3 - What does the company do for you?
The company will perform treatments for this link so that it changes in some properties:
That the form of the link becomes very different and very short.
The second thing that matters most to you is that this company makes sure that this link appears in certain announcements intended for all those who visit this link before or during the visit of the original or original site.
For example, some companies will display the highest banner advertising site that the user can ignore after 5 seconds.
Some companies display a window in a new browser with ads for another site (ads for advertisers who pay a financial company in a financial way).
With these ads, profit comes from shortcut links.
In the end, the visitor will visit the same site as Linke, but should first see some ads.

4 - You will be able to benefit from short links when you subscribe to one of these companies and send visitors to them.
Where you share a percentage of your profits.

     How can you take profit of the Short links?

The benefit of short links is by subscribing to one of those companies or sites that offer a short link service.
Next is access to links to websites and videos containing a request (that is, they can reach a good level of traffic).
You will shorten these links and start sending them.

Most of these companies share their profits with a system called eCPM, which is a commission for 1,000 visits or impressions.
The profit per thousand visits varies between 5 and 10 USD depending on the type of company and the profitability policy.
I now think you understand how to take advantage of shortened links.
Let's move on to another very important point.

     How to get visitors to take advantage of shortened links?

If you own a blog or website or website.
Shorten all articles in your blog so that your visitors first go to a Linux company to take advantage of it before entering your site.
At this point, there is a tool belonging to most companies of the Linkat shortcut that converts all links to your site to shorten it with code that you can put on your site.
Make the most of the calculations on the most important and famous forums and share them with the development of the necessary links to the users, and of course after the shortcut.
For example, you can subscribe to the Downwood forums for movies and songs to publish the necessary topics to those with the debt-to-publication shortcut link.
Comment on the most popular blogging topics on a topic. People want to attract the greatest number of people who see your comment.
This will contain a useful link for people and a shortcut to help you win it.
This is my favorite point that will save you more effort and fatigue:
To get the largest number of people in the companies that work with you through your Aflite link, you will get a percentage of their profits with these companies, which can go up to 20%.
This is indeed what most companies propose to shorten the links through their own opelite program.
So invite your friends to participate in these companies or use previous marketing methods to promote the idea of ​​participating in these companies via your Aflit links.

     Use all social networking sites to earn more than just short links

The idea of ​​genius in business links that make everyone enjoy it is:
This does not only allow you to shorten your own links.
But these companies allow you to shorten any link.
So just get the attractive content and quality available for free on the Internet and share social media.
Because of the importance of this item and make it available to anyone who wants to take advantage of shortcut links.
I will therefore include below a few sub-points that could suggest ideas that could help you use the best social networking sites to get the most visitors:

  • Create a page on Facebook or pages that address people's interests as a comic, social, sports or even news page.Think of what more people want and create pages with the best possible content on the internet after the links are down.  For example, you can create a sports page for sports fans with the most important information on local and international sports, which you can easily reach through the best sites in the world.
  • Post the best videos on YouTube on your Twitter page and try to get the most subscribers.
  • You can create a free blog with YouTube videos or interesting topics for web users and publish them on your pages on social networking sites.
    But what are the best shortcut companies?

Because of the importance of this topic, we have created a separate topic to identify the most profitable companies to shorten the links.

   Link of the Topic


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Bypass Google account Android, Ultimate solution to the problem of forgetting your Gmail account.

     All people who use or take the option to configure the factory from the recovery status "Thief" of course, but the thieves do not know more, and to be able to protect the protection of their systems, "Android" used lollipop 5 to activate the protection function. Any user entering the phone system after formatting this mode will only enter the same user and the same registered mail on the phone prior to the formatting process. This is a major inconvenience for the owner of the same phone if he inadvertently or deliberately resorts to the option of Formatage the status of the recovery and in case of forgetting the approved e-mail.

     We know, as well as others, that there are people who record fake messages on their Android phone. He will face this dilemma when the system asks him to use pre-recorded mail.
What can attract him with the trick after running the phone window that requires the introduction of mail where will not carry the jump button Skip to another option but the need to register the right mail.

How to ignore Google protection after formats

     These restrictions are limited to the recovery mode shape and apply to the default mode to reset the factory from the system itself. Therefore, in order to bypass the window requiring the introduction of approved mail, we need to reset the phone format and hard-to-reach system settings again. If the phone stops the option to enter the mail.

     Samsung bypass google verify A very small application not exceeding 45 KB will perform this function, but we will do so on OTG compatible phones, which will need to be transferred to OTG and connected to the phone while remaining on the old mail entry window. .

To download the application :

     Transfer it to OTG and install it on the phone. When the email screen is enabled, the system will work after the OTG tab is inserted into the phone's entry to display the default file browser.
Displays the apk file of the application. Install it by clicking on it and install.
Here you will have to authorize the installation of anonymous applications.
Enable this and enable the Unknown Resources option.

     After installation, do not press Done, you must test the Open Application command.
The application will end here because it will open the configuration settings we have access to only by connecting to the phone.

     Go to Backup and Reset, and then choose Reset Factory Settings.
Select Reset Device and Delete All.

     The phone will restart and come back allowing you to record new messages or skip the registration process for later, once entered into the system. and Enjoy.


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Application competes with Netflix, il offers you the latest Films for FREE with DOWNLOAD
      Everyone knows that the Netflix service is a video-on-demand service, whether it be movies or series of all categories and ages and even Arabic translation. It's like watching a movie on your TV, but Netflix works on the Internet and on almost every known device

     But in our topic of this day, I will give you the app and the program compete with Netflix for free, which means you can watch the latest movies or download without payment or application at $ 1 is not known and will not not found on download stores, you know why, so I will link you to download the computer and Android.

     An application called TeaTV, which is unknown, is not the Flex that the whole world knows and it is notorious that it is not free. The application I will give you today will give you free all movies in exclusive series.

     - Download link for Android
     - Download Link for Computer Application

The app is not available on app stores, so I suggest you download it from its official website to avoid problems


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Learn all methods of Hacking and electronic penetration on the way to the white hats security

     Many people are wondering what is the best way to learn the basics of hacking, because there are those who take video courses on YouTube and others who raise a little the level and buy paid courses on the platform but trust me either and this will succeed in learning because the field of penetration is not a lesson to draw History or geography so you can learn it with video because his last words can never allow you to dig deeper into hacking unless
Link Of Site
     What you need are solid references written as e-books, for example, which I think is the best option, but if you like to learn by surfing the Internet directly and not from the files you have downloaded, I will give you a very good site and personally consider my site. This is the most popular course in the field. It offers very detailed and commented written courses, accompanied by illustrations that allow you to better understand. This will save you from losing dozens of hours in trivial YouTube lessons that you will end up with. Just give you the basics but in the depths of everything An abbreviated form so you can understand more clearly and who will learn the skills of a white hat, because the owners of the site consider themselves as members of this category of pirates.

     What I like the most about the site is honesty, because it does not hunt readers with false addresses, as many do, and the explanations provided by the same results as if you applied what they did, so I've seen videos where people claim to be For professional tasks such as hacking Facebook accounts, spying on other people's files or remotely monitoring Android, the app is very different from what I saw in the video and I'm sure the same thing has happened dozens of times if you like to follow YouTube sessions. I do not extend, after entering the site, choose addresses I would like to know what I was talking about and why I consider this site as my favorite site in the field of piracy.

 Link Of Site : null-byte.wonderhowto


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Earn Money by click on like for Pictures, Pages or Videos (Facebook Youtube Google+ and Twitter ...)

There is no doubt that the majority of Arabs use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but not all users of one hand
There are those who use Facebook and Twitter to chat and play, and there are smart users who invest their time and earn respectable amounts of their pages on Facebook and Twitter.

To become one of those smart people who make money with Facebook, just sign up:

This allows you to earn at least 15 euros per month on social networking sites without paying anything. You can click on certain pages from time to time. You can also use your credit to advertise your page and get fans if you wish. Internet and some of your personal expenses Imagine that there are people who work in similar companies throughout the month for less than half a euro, which you may be able to do with this company in one day. And from there 20 and so on).

fanslave :
 Is a site where you can enjoy Facebook and Twitter, all you will do is click on

'' like '' or " I like "

For some of the pages that the site gives you,
All you have to do is follow the site daily to reach the minimum order amount (15 euros)

The site also offers the opportunity to create fans of your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or take visitors to watch videos on your YouTube or bring visitors to your site. This is the best in this area because all visitors and real customers, from the site, your own owner or your interest in the site
 A German company was created several years ago and is paid to all customers worldwide in euros

Paypal and Payza are accepted as means of payment

If you do not have one, it's best to open a Paisa account, especially if you come from a country that does not have a PayPal account open to its citizens or if you can receive your profits through an intermediary.
- fanslave
- Paid to all members regularly for years

Conditions of registration:
1 - Count for you on Facebook There are at least 5 friends and has a personal profile picture of Btaak
If you want to use Twitter to increase your profits
2 - Compte pour toi on Twitter also has at least 5 friends and has a personal profile picture of Btaak

Note: After registering, you can only work on Facebook pages and add Twitter ... at any time.

To register click here


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Sony Annonce la Prochaine Console PlayStation 5

PS 5 : Release date, price and technical sheet, all you need to know

   Sony is still not very talkative about PlayStation 5. When will it happen? What will be its technical sheet or its price? The rare statements of the Japanese firm are sifted to extract the slightest clues. We take stock of the rumors and leaks concerning the future PS5.

  The PlayStation 5 arouses more than ever curiosity. And this, especially since Microsoft has recently released its Xbox One X, presented as the most powerful home consoles ever created. For several months, the firm of Redmond has taken center stage on the field of communication. Sony was very early to make the case by stating that the Xbox One X did not scare him at all. This does not mean that the company is resting on its laurels. She is already looking towards the future.

   Kazuo Hirai, the former CEO of Sony explained a few months ago that the firm was thinking about the direction to take in relation to the future of the PlayStation, while stating that there was no question of letting down completely the physical consoles in favor of a dematerialized platform as some rumors suggested. As you can see, the sketches for the PlayStation 5 are in the making and we can already get a sense of the changes it will bring.

PlayStation 5: release date
   Sony has not explicitly mentioned any release date for the PS5, but several analysts are going for their predictions. According to Matt Piscatella, video game market specialist and analyst at NPD Group, Sony is expected to release the PlayStation 5 in 2020. For him, it would be the ideal year to stay on the dynamics of growth.

   The company does not need to release the PS5 in 2018, or even in 2019 since sales of its latest console are still far from catastrophic. And this, despite the release of the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch which has achieved excellent performance in 2017 and continues its momentum. According to Matt Piscatella, growth will continue until 2019, when sales of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim will run out of steam.

   This analysis seems fair since the latest official information from Sony already confirm the slowdown in sales of the PS4. The company predicts a further deceleration until 2021. But it should be reasonable enough to allow compensation through the other wings of the video game division. The sale of the PlayStation Plus service for example.

   For Sony, the bad pass will end early 2021 and will be followed by a new period of growth. The brand speaks of "backing up to better jump". This sentence seems to hint at a possible boost given by the arrival of the PlayStation 5. We can therefore reasonably project an exit for 2020, the time to revive the machine of growth for early 2021.

   Another good news is that Sony has already started distributing the development kits to several video game studios according to the SemiAccurate website. The latter can therefore already begin to develop games for the future console. This is the sign that things are taking shape.

PlayStation 5: price
   Regarding the question of price, a number of factors are obviously to be taken into account, such as the components that will be at the heart of the console. Here, an observation of the evolution of prices over generations would be useful. Sony has always tried to keep the price of its consoles to the lowest.

   The PlayStation 3 has been the most expensive console proposed by the firm to date with a price of $ 499 for the model 20 GB and $ 599 for the one with 60 GB of storage. The PS4 was launched seven years later and much cheaper, with a price of $ 399. Why PS3 had such a high price? Simply because it was equipped with fresh technologies and therefore expensive. At the time, the Blu-Ray was for example its debut.

   What about the price of the PS5 when it was released? The price projected by analysts is between 400 and 550 € depending on the specifications of the console, including the choice of graphics card, but also the storage technology (HDD or SSD) that will have an impact on the price.

PlayStation 5: technical sheet
   The first thing we can predict with certainty about the datasheet is the support of the native 4K for the PS5. Sony is ahead in this field by Microsoft whose Xbox One X can boast of this asset, unlike the PS4 Pro which is based on an upscaling optimized to grant itself the attribute of "4K capable".

   The console could as well turn games in 8K. This is in any case what suggests a statement of Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the famous franchise Gran Turismo racing games. Commenting on the potential of the new Gran Turismo Sport, he recently insinuated that the game could turn into 8K on the next Sony console that is none other than the PS5.

   The second most obvious evolution concerns the processor. It should be at least 3 times faster than that of the PS4. This will give developers the ability to create Triple A games without worrying about performance limits. The graphics card naturally should not be left out.

   An evolution worthy of the PlayStation 5 should reserve a minimum of 12 GB of memory for the GPU, which would put it at the same level as the Xbox One X which is 12 GB of memory GDDR5. This added power will allow the console to turn worry-free games in native 4K at 60 FPS.

   Finally, in terms of accessories, we could find a touch screen on the PS5 DualShock controller, according to a patent filed by Sony. An aspect that would provide access to important information from the controller.

   What is certain in any case is that the PS5 will be a true generation change. Not just a 2.0 model a little more powerful. According to Sony, the PS4 Pro is enough for those who want to enjoy a better rendering on current games. The PS5 will not arrive for a while but will offer much more.

PlayStation 5 : une nouvelle PS VR pour aller avec ?
   La PlayStation VR qui est sortie fin 2016 s’est très bien écoulée, ce qui montre qu’une bonne partie du public s’intéresse aux jeux en réalité virtuelle. Cependant, elle n’est qu’un casque VR pour console, ce qui en fait une alternative moins performante par rapport aux moutures destinées aux PC.

   C’est d’ailleurs la raison pour laquelle Microsoft semble donner la priorité à sa plateforme Windows Holographic récemment devenue Windows Mixed Reality pour la réalité virtuelle plutôt que de lancer un casque VR avec la Xbox One X, bien que la console soit nativement 100 % compatible.

   Mais avec la bonne réception de la PS VR par le public, Sony va sans doute poursuivre sur sa lancée en proposant cette fois un casque avec de bien meilleures performances, et ce d’autant plus que la PS5 offrira beaucoup plus de puissance.


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How To Get Anytihing You Want From Google

   If you have any difficulty to download all you need from the biggest engine of research GOOGLE, and you wanna get everything like a :

     - Digital product
     - eBook
     - Script
     - Themes
     - Template and more..?

   Just use google backdoor like this :

intitle:"index of" "parent directory" amember 4.2 -rar OR zip

   Simple used, just copy texts above and paste in google search form, and change the keyword "amember 4.2" with your own keyword you want to get or search.
as you no :

   I get much premium product from google back door with unique keyword


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Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU.

   It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

I have been on this forum for a while now and there is one thing that never fails.. at least a couple times every day someone posts a thread asking how to make money. Some want to make $5 per day, some have higher goals at $10 per day (that was sarcasm for those wondering) and then some want to know how to make $5,000 within 30 days to pay for some important medical procedure..

I'm not knocking small goals like $5 or $10 per day. Everyone has to start somewhere but I wanted to start a thread that talks about what it takes to actually reach your goals.

It doesn't matter if you want to make $5 per day to fuel your video game obsession or if you want to make $10,000 per month to support your family.. it all starts with YOU.

So many threads ask for methods, for secrets, for the easy way out. Unless you have the activation key for the PayPal monkey generator you will find that there aren't any magic secrets to fill your bank account with money.

I want this post to become a place where every noob can get a serious dose of reality. This same info will work for a kid in high school that wants extra money for video games and going out with friends on the weekends or for a man in his 30's that wants to start earning money online and has a family to support.

Work Hard
Seriously. You have to know from the start that making money online is hard in the beginning. You need a steady source of income to stay above water and to invest in your online ventures.

So, for anyone that has $0 in their bank and has bills coming up due I want to give you this real advise: GO GET A REAL JOB. Seriously, you will have so much trouble if you don't have a little nest egg to work with and have your bills covered. The majority of people fail because they jump in at the wrong time.

Making money online isn't something you try to make it in when times are bad. You are setting up yourself for failure. Trust me.. get a job with a steady paycheck and devote your time away from work to making money online.

So many people associate online money with easy money. That is so far from the truth. It's hard. Very fucking hard!

If you are serious about making money online follow these guide lines. It's just my opinion and nothing is set in stone here.. but I feel like I have been around long enough and have had enough success online to be able to give my 2 cents at least. My goal is for some noobs to see this and see what it really takes.

So many "make money online" blogs make it seem easy. Why? Because they want the noobs to sign up for their hosting affiliate offers and WP theme affiliate offers.. and buy all of their MMO affiliate products. It's such a cock fest.. all these self proclaimed gurus telling noobs they can make millions online with just a hosting account (that pays them a nice commission)..

Fuck those gurus (that are really broke muppits) and their false claims. This is the reality of making money online.

   You Need Money to Make Money :

The gurus will tell you that you can start making money virtually over night if you just get some traffic to your website and start ringing in affiliate sales. It's that easy, right? WRONG. Again.. they are just trying to sell you their product or get you to sign up for hosting through them. (Sadly even the most "elite" <more sarcasm> gurus come to BHW to spit their BS just to get hosting affiliate signups).

The CPA and affiliate marketing space is crowded. There are so many people trying to make money. 80% of them don't stand a chance. Who makes all the money? Those that have money to spend and invest. They are the ones that have the coin to invest in proper SEO and control the top of the PPC results. They are also spending crazy money on Facebook ads and every other traffic source that produces results. They have money to test the shit out of ads, banners, and traffic sources.

So many people will post a thread stating they have $50 to invest in PPC. Stop.. save your money. That $50 will buy you dinner for a few nights.

Understanding that you need money to make money is the first step.

   You Can't Spread Yourself Too Thin :
We see it all the time on the forum.. people are trying to build an authority site and monetize it with AdSense one minute then the next day they are asking about building a clickbank review website and then a few days later they want to build Instagram accounts. Enthusiasm is great and wanting to venture into many different areas is a nice goal.. but it isn't practical. And if you spread yourself too thin you are going to fail.

In the beginning you need to pick one thing to focus on and spend all your time learning everything you can about it.. whether it's building a blog and monetizing it with CPA offers and AdSense, or running CPA offers using paid traffic sources.

Find one thing that you are interested in and stick to it. Don't bounce around between several different things. You have to dedicate all of your time and focus on one project at a time, especially in the beginning.

Look at the best IMers in the game.. they are experts in one area usually. That is how they become so successful. They aren't all over the place trying to do it all. They master one thing and continue to evolve with it.

   You Can't Expect Instant Results :

This one kills me and it's amazing how many people expect to make money overnight or even in their first month. I blame a lot of the guru crap that is online. They want their sheep followers to think that they can make $100K a year and drive an exotic car if they just buy their $47 eBook.

If you spend some time to get to know some of the experienced members on BHW you will know that they failed more times than they succeeded. Some didn't start to make money for several months.. but they knew if they kept learning and kept moving forward they would eventually find success.

This also goes back to the first point I made about needing money to make money. In the beginning your regular job is in place to pay your bills and support your family while you learn IM. If you don't have that safety net the stress will cause you to panic and make bad choices. When you have that job and you know your bills are covered you can learn and suck in info at your own pace. Of course everyone wants to make money online ASAP but that's not how it works. You need to learn, read and figure it out at your own pace. With your bills covered you don't NEED instant results.. allowing you to figure it out at a pace that is comfortable and will allow you to actually figure it out.

   You Can't Give Up Easy :

I bet if you took 5 minutes you could find a thread within the last week where someone is complaining that a particular method doesn't work. How many times have you heard...

"PPC sucks.. it doesn't work!"
"SEO is dead.. it doesn't work!"
"Affiliate marketing is dead.. it doesn't work!"
"Email marketing is dead.. it doesn't work!"

You get the picture..

Why do these people say that something doesn't work? Because they don't give it enough time. They expect instant results and quit before they figure it out. If IM was easy wouldn't everyone be working from home or working from some exotic location while models fan them down and feed them grapes?

You should be thankful it isn't easy. Who would pour you a beer at your local pub or come mow your lawn and take care of your yard? Working online and making a living online is very hard. Did I mention this yet? 

Just like a professional athlete trains nonstop.. someone with goals of making money online needs to read, study, test.. nonstop. If you want it bad enough you have to put your head down and DO THE WORK.

Go into this knowing that you aren't going to quit. You will eventually figure it out if you just promise yourself that you will NEVER give up.

   You Can't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket :

Once you do pick something to pursue you need to make sure you diversify as much as possible because IM is always changing and shit happens.

Let's pretend you decide to start a blog about personal finance and you have selected the following ways to monetize your website:

AdSense - ad blocks throughout the site
ClickBank offers - offers mixed in your blog posts and will send offers to your email list
CPA offers - offers mixed in your blog posts and will send offers to your email list

So, you want to push as much traffic to your blog as possible with the goal of them clicking on ads, clicking on your affiliate links in the content or joining your email list through some kind of offer.

You need to find as many traffic sources as possible.. that way you aren't screwed when one dries up or just disappears..

So, a few traffic sources you would want to look into:

- Facebook Ads
- Guest Blogging
- Media Buys

This way if a Google update kills your traffic overnight you can just increase your other traffic sources... just turn the dial and adjust. If you put all your eggs in one basket and spent all of your time and money on SEO you would be at $0 the minute that update killed your SEO.

   You Need to be Minimalistic Starting Out (and maybe give up some luxuries) :

Don't be like CEOSam and all the other fake IMers that are worried about materialistic crap. The people that get their first taste of money and go out and buy a watch or some other stupid material possession are doomed for failure. You have to stay grounded and remain focused.

This industry can do a 180 instantly and if you lose your focus you will fall on your arse fast. I'll use myself as an example.. I could have any crazy car I wanted. Not bragging.. just making a point. Instead of spending a ton of money I bought something that I had wanted since I was very young.. an a4.. it's a nice car but it's no Maserati or Veyron.. but that doesn't matter to me.

Don't set out to impress anyone. It isn't going to make you any more money. Know what you SHOULD spend your money on? A great computer, laptop, smartphone and online tools and software.. things that will help you improve your online marketing.

You need to also look at what you spend money on and look for ways to cut spending.. this allows you to use that money to help your IM career. If you eat out a few times every week (I was seriously guilty of this) cut back and cook your meals at home. More ads.. a new blog design.. more links.. etc.

   You Need to Save Money :

This goes back to the previous point. When you start to make money and you see it roll in DO NOT spend it. Put some away for a rainy day. If your goal is to be self employed then you need to think about the big picture.

There are no health benefits.. retirement funds.. etc. You are 100% responsible for your future. When you do start making money I suggest you hire a proper accountant and work with a financial adviser and planner.

When you are 75 years old you will be glad you put some money away instead of buying that sports car or spending your money chasing girls.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have fun.. you should have plenty of fun.. just don't live beyond your means.. and focus on saving money.

I bet if we started a thread on BHW asking people to post about experiences they had making a shit load of money and then having nothing there would be plenty of people coming forward to tell their story.

When you first taste the money it is like a drug.. have fun, but just be smart about it. Tuck some dough away and pretend you don't even have it. Invest it properly.

   You Need to Treat IM Like a Real Business :

This is where a lot of mistakes are made. People think they can work when they want and be successful. IM is a real business.

What would happen if you just showed up to a regular job when you wanted? You would be fired.

What would happen if you just left after a couple hours of working? You would get fired.

Yes, part of IM is the ability to work from anywhere in the world and not work as many hours. It is up to you to determine how much you work and when you work. Some deals will require more work. Heck, I know people with successful online businesses that might work 2 hours a day.. but they worked plenty of 20 hour days when they first started!

Just don't cut yourself short.. and be professional. Respond to emails quickly. Address any issues right away. Just like a real business.. because IM is a real business!

That's the end of my rant.. I hope I don't scare any of you newbies.. I seriously hope this helps some people figure this out properly. Any questions, feedback or points to contribute/add fire away. As always I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time.. Ciao for now!


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